Florists around the world traditionally use different ways of putting flowers together. To make life a bit easier we  put some of the most widely used types of flower arrangements in this section.

Hand Tied Bouquet


Fresh flowers and foliage arranged and firmly hand tied by our professional florists. It can be placed directly into a vase and viewed from all angles. The Hand Tied Bouquet is easy to get around with so it is a great gift to send to an office.

Aqua Pack


Aqua Pack, or a water bubble, is a great invention where you don't need to put flowers into a vase straight away. The perfect solution for long journeys to keep flowers fresh. Most of our Hand Tied Bouquets are delivered in the Aqua Pack.

Gift Wrapped Bouquet

 Gift Wrapped Bouquet

A front facing bouquet of fresh flowers with foliage tied and gift wrapped. Perfect gift for flower lovers who prefer to arrange flowers in a vase accordingly to their taste.

Vase Arrangement

 Vase Arrangement

Arrangement of flowers with foliage set off simply and beautifully in their own vase or container.
Perfect gift to send to a home address or for corporate events.

Flower Arrangement in Foam

 Flower Arrangement

An arrangement of stylish and seasonal cut flowers selected and assembled in foam with a vase or container. Great for corporate events or even for the center of a dinning table.

Basket Arrangement

 Basket Arrangement

Selection of beautiful fresh flowers arranged in foam and carefully placed in a basket.

Arrangement of Plants


Flowering plants, green plants or a selection of both, arranged in a basket, vase, or container. Easy to care for and long lasting. Also known as a Planter.




Funeral Flowers



Any professional florist can produce many different designs based on the variety and availability of flowers. Some of the most popular are listed below.

Funeral Posy

 Funeral Posy

Round arrangement of flowers generally picked for children or by children for grandparents. Also sent for remembrance.

Open Wreath

 Open Wreath

Probably one of the most traditional tributes, this wreath is made in a foam circle with a blend of evenly placed flowers and foliage. Can be made in various sizes according to what is needed.

Massed Cross/Heart/Cushion (with spray)


Usually requested as a special tribute from a close relative, symbolic and traditional. An even blend of flowers and foliage.




Tear or Diamond shape spray of flowers and foliage, arranged in foam on a shallow container. These are quite popular and can be made in various sizes according to what is needed. 


Funeral Sheaf


Flowers and foliage arranged on a natural base. The design to be laid down is fan shaped with a raised profile and after the tying point the stems are left to spiral out naturally.



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Memento Flowers is an independent London florist who specialises in providing our customers some of the finest and highest quality flower arrangements and fresh flowers in the UK. These days not many people have the time to stop by a flower shop, wait for them to get ready and then take them to their special one. This is why we can offer 24/7 online flower orders and same day flower delivery so your special one can receive their flower bouquets of roses or lilies or whatever you wish the same day. Sending flowers could not have gotten any easier. You can send a birthday bouquet with a few clicks. This is not limited to our flower delivery area as we work with other florists in the country; this means we can send your flowers same-day.
Same day flowers have become very popular as people don’t plan buying flowers it’s a spur of the moment thing. For this reason we also offer international flower delivery world-wide. As stated previously it cannot get any easier to buy flowers and even send flowers overseas.
We also offer next day flower delivery whether you want cheap flowers or expensive flowers; we are the florist for you. 
Have you heard that Memento Flowers also offers a range of wine gifts and champagne gifts? Why not have a look out our flower gift sets page.