How to order


 Step 1: -

 a)    Browse our range of products and select an item that would appeal to the recipient.

 b)    Select a delivery date by clicking on the calendar button as shown by the arrow labelled b) and choose from the available dates.
Please Note: The next available date for delivery is marked in blue. All the other available dates are marked in green.

 c)     You can then select the size and colour of the product you wish to purchase if applicable as shown by the arrow labelled c).

  Step 2: -

 After completing step 1 you may want to purchase a special gift with your order e.g. Wine.

Please Note: If you do not wish to purchase a special gift then please go to step 3.

 a)    To do this scroll down the page you were on in step 1 and click on the image that resembles what you wish to add as shown by the arrow labelled a). After clicking on a special gift, another row of products will appear below as shown by the arrow labelled

b). Here you can choose from our options that can be added to your product. You can also scroll through our options by clicking on the double arrow button marked by the arrow labelled

c). After choosing a product click Add and the product will be added to your basket.

  Step 3: -

Scroll to the top of the page and click the checkout button like shown below. Both checkout buttons will take you to the next step.

Please Note: If you wish to delete a product from your basket, you may do this in the next step.



Step 4: -

In this step there are a few things to do. You must re-confirm the delivery date, fill in the recipient’s details and enter a card message if you wish to. This will be explained in more depth below. If you wish to delete an item from your basket then please click the red cross next to the product as shown below.

 a)    Firstly, you must re-confirm your delivery date in the calendar box similar to step 1. You can also change the delivery date here. Your selected delivery date can be seen written in blue under the calendar as shown by the arrow labelled a).

 b)    Now you can select a preferred delivery option.

c)     Here you can write a personal message on a card that we include in your delivery to your recipient. If you do not wish to have a card message, simply tick the box under Check Spelling.

  Step 5: -

Here you must fill in the recipient’s details. Please make sure you select the delivery type first as this can change the required fields to be filled in. After filling in the information you may proceed to the payment section by clicking the Proceed to billing details button.


Step 6: -

In step 6 you will have to fill in your details to process the order through. You can also type in a discount code if you have got one to receive your discount. Please take some time to read through our Terms and Conditions before agreeing to them as it contains some useful information in regards to your order. You can then click the Proceed to payment button.

  Step 7: -

 Now you can fill in your payment details. Once this has been done you can click the Make payment button and this should process your order through. The next page will provide you with a confirmation of the payment and order. You will also receive an email within thirty minutes confirming your order.


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Memento Flowers is an independent London florist who specialises in providing our customers some of the finest and highest quality flower arrangements and fresh flowers in the UK. These days not many people have the time to stop by a flower shop, wait for them to get ready and then take them to their special one. This is why we can offer 24/7 online flower orders and same day flower delivery so your special one can receive their flower bouquets of roses or lilies or whatever you wish the same day. Sending flowers could not have gotten any easier. You can send a birthday bouquet with a few clicks. This is not limited to our flower delivery area as we work with other florists in the country; this means we can send your flowers same-day.
Same day flowers have become very popular as people don’t plan buying flowers it’s a spur of the moment thing. For this reason we also offer international flower delivery world-wide. As stated previously it cannot get any easier to buy flowers and even send flowers overseas.
We also offer next day flower delivery whether you want cheap flowers or expensive flowers; we are the florist for you. 
Have you heard that Memento Flowers also offers a range of wine gifts and champagne gifts? Why not have a look out our flower gift sets page.